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  • Reinbeer Bottle Neck Markers

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    Item # 5752

    Whether it's holiday or hunting season, this set of six bottle markers is sure to ram their way into your heart. They turn the nose of your bottle into an antlered beast and their six unique colors guarantee you always know which beverage is yours.

    • Set of 6
    • Food and dishwasher safe silicone
    • Great gift for hunters and the holidays!
  • Beernoculars Bottleneck Markers

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    Item # 3539

    The future of your party is bright when these bottleneck sunglasses are in sight. With six different options, there's a set of shades for every occasion. Simply wrap these silicone markers around your bottle and identify your drink with ease, even when you're seeing double!

    • Includes 6 different colored charms
    • Makes identifying easy
    • Dishwasher safe silicone
    • Includes 1 of each color: Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Red, and Green
    • Each beer charm measures almost .5 inches

2 Item(s)