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  • Brew Cue Bottle Opener

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    Item # 4223

    This bottle opener is all it's chalked up to be! Whether you're sinking balls or brews, this handy cue is guaranteed to open all the bottles in your queue without a hitch. Do yourself a solid and sink the Brew Cue in your pocket so it's ready for your next break!

    • Stainless steel opener
    • Compact design
    • Fits in your pocket 
    • Removes caps with ease
    • Makes a fun & functional gift!

  • Krak 'Em Bottle Opener in Red

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    Item # 3342

    It's not a myth. The Krak 'Em™ is real, lurking off the coasts of parties and beer bottles. Quench your thirst with this legendary sea monster and crack open a cold one. It’s inky drinky time.

    • Stainless steel opener
    • Soft-touch silicone body
    • Comes in squid red
    • Ideal gift for any Cephalopod fanatic

2 Item(s)