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  • Flamingo Stir Sticks

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    Item # 4185

    Make stirring drinks flamboyant with our Flamingo Stir Sticks. A 'leg up' on the typical drink stirrer, this flock gets the party started in style. They're so much more than your average tacky yard art. Whether you're single and ready to flamingle or birds of a feather, these stir sticks do the trick.

    • Set of 5
    • 5 different colored stir sticks included!
    • Perfect for tropical drinks
    • Extra long for easy stirring
    • Fun & functional

  • Tux Pourer

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    Item # 3389

    While this cute bird may not be able to fly, he sure can pour a glass of wine. Have yourself a flippin' good time. Whatcha waiting for? Let it pour!

    • Dishwasher safe silicone
    • Fits all standard bottles
    • Pours and preserves your wine
    • Pourer measures 3.5 inches
    • Traditional black and white finish

  • Quack the Ice Ice Cube Tray

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    Item # 3328

    Duck, duck, ICE! Your childhood bubble bath buddy just got an update to fit the bill. Keep all your ducks and drinks in a row without having to ruffle any feathers. Entertaining is easy when you have this whole flock to keep your pond cool. What the duck are you waiting for? Go ahead and take a quack at it!

    • Makes 6 ice cubes
    • Dishwasher and oven safe silicone
    • Also great for making crayons, Jell-O shots, chocolates, and more!
    • Tray measures 7 inches
    • Melts slower than traditional ice cubes

3 Item(s)