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  • Hot Sauced Chili Pepper Stopper

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    Item # 5745

    Don't let this little pepper fool you-he might be too hot to handle but he's just the right size to stop and preserve your unfinished bottle. Get as hot-sauced as you want, because this guy has got your bottle's back!

    • Dishwasher, food safe silicone
    • Fits all standard bottles
    • Spice up the party!
  • Pineapple Planter

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    Item # 5731

    Who lives in a pineapple on the sill of your window? Your succulent does! Your plants have personalities and their housing should too. With built in drainage your succulents will grow happy too.

    • White glazed ceramic
    • Includes holes for drainage
    • Perfect size for succulents and cacti!
  • Cactus Stir Sticks

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    Item # 5180

    Though they're used to a dry environment, the Cactus Stir Sticks never desert a drink that needs stirring. In five bright colors, every party goer will have what they need to identify and mix up a sharp drink!

  • Palm Tree Stir Sticks

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    Item # 4206

    Whether you're hitting the beach or the backyard, these tropical stir sticks will have you feeling like you're embarking on a vacation. Though these fronds won't rustle in the breeze, they will stir any drink to perfection!

    • Set of 5
    • Includes 5 different bright colors
    • Food-safe plastic
    • Perfect for tropical drinks
    • Makes a great fun & functional gift!

  • Calla Lily Stopper and Pourer

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    Item # 3385

    Enjoy your wine’s bouquet with this dual-function lily! The wide petal provides a perfect pour while the stopper preserves your bottle. Enjoy your evening in full bloom.

    • This is your Granny's wine bottle stopper
    • Vintage floral inspiration
    • Pours and preserves your wine
    • Lily measures 3.25 inches tall
    • Durable and sleek silicone construction

  • Tipsy Terrarium Stopper & Pourer

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    Item # 3345

    You're gonna dig these leafy wine tools! Nurture your love of wine and keep your half full bottle fresh and succulent.

    • Fits all standard bottles
    • Dishwasher-safe silicone
    • Removable stopper 
    • Functional & fun!
    • For gardeners and wine lovers alike

  • Toadstool Bottle Stoppers

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    Item # 2900

    These Toadstool Stoppers will be a blast at your next party, providing both a secure silicone seal and endless entertainment.

    • Includes 3 unique bright colors!
    • Fits most standard wine bottles
    • Pours and preserves your wine
    • Stopper measures 1.5 inches
    • Whimsical toadstool design

7 Item(s)