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  • Dolphin Corkscrew by TrueZoo

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    Item # 6299

    Dolphins are total smarty-fins. This one even knows how to open wine bottles! With its holographic hues and sparkly eyes, our dolphin corkscrew is the perfect accessory for magical, drinkable adventures.

    • 5 turn worm
    • Blue plastic electroplated tap
    • Single hinged
    • Eye jewel
  • Humphrey Whale Cocktail Shaker

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    Item # 4260

    It's true- you whale never find another cocktail shaker like this! His silicone tail seals airtight, ensuring a spill-free experience, while his stainless steel fins keep Humphrey balanced on your counter. What a friendly addition to your pod of kitchen gadgets!

    • 16 oz capacityStainless steel body, food-safe silicone
    • Leak-free silicone seal
    • Disassembles for easy cleaning!
    • BPA-free

  • Whale Cheeseboard

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    Item # 4248

    • Made of Bamboo wood
    • Food-safe paint dip
    • Great for chopping and serving cheeses!

  • Narwhal Snack Picks

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    Item # 4238

    • Set of 12
    • Durable, dishwasher-safe plastic
    • Reusable
    • Perfect for appetizers and cheeses!

  • Gillbert Fish Corkscrew

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    Item # 4224

    We’re not just fishing for compliments with this corkscrew. Gillbert™ is a functional fish who makes opening wine and beer bottles swimmingly easy.

    • Stainless steel with soft-touch finish
    • Double hinged for extra leverage
    • Bottle opener tail
    • Integrated foil cutter
    • Proprietary design
    • Great gift for anyone who loves fishing!

  • Parad-Ice Fish Ice Cube Tray

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    Item # 3329

    This is one ice cube tray that won't leave you floundering. Feeling shellfish? Dive on in and enlist the whole school to keep your favorite beverage cool. Trying to make chums and not anemones? Catch and release a few into a friends glass. No matter how you sip, these fishy friends will dolphinitley get the party started without using bait!

    • Makes 12 assorted shaped cubes
    • Dishwasher and oven safe silicone
    • Also great for making crayons, Jell-O shots, chocolates, and more!
    • Makes three different fish types
    • Yields 12 total fish cubes

6 Item(s)