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  • Sardine Drink Charms

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    Item # 5712

    You don't want to get chummy with someone else's drink. Luckily, there's a whole school of brightly colored fishies to keep your glass in check! This set of six charms will brighten up any dull glass.

    • Set of 6 bright colors
    • Dishwasher-safe silicone
    • Foiled packaging looks like a real sardine can

  • Tea Lion Tea Infuser

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    Item # 5162

    We think your cup of tea deserves to be infused with a little extra fun. Your mug is his pier, and flexible flippers guarantee this Tea Lion™ will be your favorite brewing companion!

  • Rainbow Fish Cocktail Strainer

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    Item # 5155

    After searching the seven seas, we caught the prettiest cocktail strainer you've ever seen! With a rainbow iridescent finish and functional scales, it's sure to secure permanent moorage on your bar cart.

    • Rainbow "Mirage" plated Stainless steel
    • Adjustable size fits all standard shakers and glasses
    • Strains cocktails for perfect drinks
    • Perfect gift for fancy friends and fish lovers alike!

  • Turtle Tea Infuser

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    Item # 5148

    With this brew buddy, you can take slow sips and still win the race. His stainless steel body holds enough loose leaf to ensure the perfect mug on a lazy afternoon. Sea what we did there?!

    • Stainless steel
    • Silicone upper
    • Large capacity for loose leaf tees!

  • Narwhal Snack Picks

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    Item # 4238

    • Set of 12
    • Durable, dishwasher-safe plastic
    • Reusable
    • Perfect for appetizers and cheeses!

  • Krak 'Em Bottle Opener in Red

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    Item # 3342

    It's not a myth. The Krak 'Em™ is real, lurking off the coasts of parties and beer bottles. Quench your thirst with this legendary sea monster and crack open a cold one. It’s inky drinky time.

    • Stainless steel opener
    • Soft-touch silicone body
    • Comes in squid red
    • Ideal gift for any Cephalopod fanatic

  • Parad-Ice Fish Ice Cube Tray

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    Item # 3329

    This is one ice cube tray that won't leave you floundering. Feeling shellfish? Dive on in and enlist the whole school to keep your favorite beverage cool. Trying to make chums and not anemones? Catch and release a few into a friends glass. No matter how you sip, these fishy friends will dolphinitley get the party started without using bait!

    • Makes 12 assorted shaped cubes
    • Dishwasher and oven safe silicone
    • Also great for making crayons, Jell-O shots, chocolates, and more!
    • Makes three different fish types
    • Yields 12 total fish cubes

  • Spout Stopper & Pourer

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    Item # 3006

    He will blow you away! Let us just breach the whale never find another stopper and pourer quite like Spout again! Your bottle is his ocean, and he stops and pours even the choppiest seas with ease. Drinking is always a whale of a time when Spout is swimming nearby!

    • Dishwasher safe silicone
    • Fits all standard bottles
    • Stops and pours with ease!
    • Proprietary design
    • Fun and functional!

8 Item(s)