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  • Wearable Bunny Flask by TrueZoo

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    Any bunny thirsty? Crafted from stainless steel, this ready-to-rock rabbit flask sports a removable sleeve for easy cleaning. Its sturdy strap makes it perfect for the party animal who's always haring off on another adventure.

    • Holds 5 oz 
    • Stainless steel
    • Removable faux-leather sleeve & strap
    • Bring the party with you!
  • Hedgehog Planter

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    Item # 5729

    Does your succulent have a prickly disposition? Your plants have personalities and their housing should too. This adorable creature instantly transforms any plant, and built in drainage ensures it will grow happy and succulent.

    • White glazed ceramic
    • Includes holes for drainage
    • Perfect size for succulents and cacti!
  • Lightning Bug Bottle Light

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    Item # 4259

    • Battery life lasts up to 48 hours!
    • USB attachment for easy charging
    • Fits all standard bottles

  • Squeak Mouse Cheeseboard

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    Item # 4249

    • Made of Bamboo wood
    • Food-safe paint dip
    • Great for chopping and serving cheeses!

  • Henri Stopper and Pourer in Assorted Colors

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    Item # 3384

    Gnome-ally stopping and pouring wines isn't this fun. Luckily Henri the gnome is here to put the magic back into consuming your favorite spirits! His body pours your favorite wines with ease, and his colorful cap helps him ward off oxidation. Go ahead, pour one out for your gnomies!

    • Whimsical garden gnome design
    • Great for pouring and preserving your wine
    • Durable silicone construction
    • Measures 4.5 inches tall
    • Gnome is white with a red hat

  • Fox Flask in Red

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    Item # 3349

    Whether hanging out in your den or lurking around in public, this sneaky little fox will hold 5 ounces of your favorite liquid. What a fantastic way to drink like a vixen!

    • Holds 5 oz comfortably
    • Stainless steel flask with flexible & removable cover
    • Engraved back: "I don't give a fox!"
    • Pithy and witty design
    • Adorable fox design

  • Deer Flask in Blue

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    Item # 3348

    You'll no longer have to be a deer in the headlights at your next gathering. Stand out from the herd with this a-doe-able flask and fashionably carry 5 ounces of your favorite drink.

    • Holds 5 oz comfortably
    • Stainless steel flask with flexible & removable cover
    • Engraved back: "Oh deer I'm drunk!"
    • Pithy and witty design
    • Adorable deer design

  • Owl Flask in Purple

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    Item # 3347

    Whooo ever said drinking couldn't be more fun? Grab one of these nocturnal flasks and make any adventure a hoot! Pretty soon you'll be tweeting "Owl have another!”

    • Holds 5 oz comfortably
    • Stainless steel flask with flexible & removable cover
    • Engraved back: "Owl have another!"
    • Pithy and witty design
    • Adorable owl design

  • Get Smashed Animal Coasters

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    Item # 3346

    Whether you're wildly sober or flat out drunk, these coasters will naturally keep your drink in place without the mess. Slap a few of these beastly critters in place to tame your table top.

    • Includes 4 different colored woodland animals
    • Dishwasher safe silicone
    • Each coaster measures 7 inches
    • No animals were harmed in the making of these coasters
    • Makes a great housewarming gift

9 Item(s)