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  • Elephant Tea Infuser

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    Item # 5149

    Consider this your new brew buddy. With her stainless steel body, she holds enough loose leaf tea to brew a perfect mug of tea. While her specially designed trunk hangs on the rim of any glass. Suddenly, every other tea infuser is irrelephant!

    • Stainless steel
    • Silicone upper
    • Large capacity for loose leaf tees!

  • Giraffe Stir Sticks

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    Item # 4205

    These giraffes were made for tall orders. Designed to fit even the narrowest of cups, these stir sticks will mix any drink, from juice to cocktails to coffee. Stick it in head or feet first and explore new heights!

    • Set of 5
    • Includes 5 different colored stir sticks
    • Food-safe plastic
    • Extra long for easy stirring
    • Makes a great fun & functional gift!

  • Flamingo Stir Sticks

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    Item # 4185

    Make stirring drinks flamboyant with our Flamingo Stir Sticks. A 'leg up' on the typical drink stirrer, this flock gets the party started in style. They're so much more than your average tacky yard art. Whether you're single and ready to flamingle or birds of a feather, these stir sticks do the trick.

    • Set of 5
    • 5 different colored stir sticks included!
    • Perfect for tropical drinks
    • Extra long for easy stirring
    • Fun & functional

3 Item(s)