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  • Chameleon Cooler Tote by TrueZoo

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    Item # 7091

    Keeping treats and drinks at ideal temperatures is simple, thanks to our shimmering satchel's insulated interior. Chameleons blend in everywhere they go, but this bag will make you stand out!

    • Faux leather
    • Insulated cooler material keeps goods hot or cold! 
    • Fits all standard bottles
    • Wear your personality on your shoulder!
    • Pkg: tag
  • Holiday Light Drink Charms

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    Item # 5740

    Whether you're having a well deserved drink after festooning your tree, or you just want to get lit with some lights, these bright and festive drink charms will mark your drink while they glow in the dark!

    • Set of 6 glow in the dark charms
    • Dishwasher safe silicone
    • Pop together for easy storage!
  • Pinata Pouch Filled With Wine Charms

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    Item # 5718

    Nothing says fun quite like a piñata. Now imagine one filled with candy that's reusable too...This fringed pinata pouch comes stocked with six silicone drink charms. Sure to be a hit at parties, and everywhere else!

    • Reusable PU leather pouch
    • Set of 6 silicone charms
    • Food and dishwasher-safe silicone
    • Great gift

  • Spot On Glass Markers

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    Item # 5717

    Keep other peoples paws off your glass with this set of six doggie drink charms. Keep your drink on a short leash and in the hands of the right owner. Now there's something worth wagging your tail over!

  • Cactus Stopper and Charm Set

    Regular Price:

    Item # 5177

    Even the prickliest people will smile when they see one of these cacti perched on a glass rim or stopping a bottle. With six bright charms and one stopper, there's enough fun to keep your party succulent!

  • Toadstool Bottle Stoppers

    Regular Price:

    Item # 2900

    These Toadstool Stoppers will be a blast at your next party, providing both a secure silicone seal and endless entertainment.

    • Includes 3 unique bright colors!
    • Fits most standard wine bottles
    • Pours and preserves your wine
    • Stopper measures 1.5 inches
    • Whimsical toadstool design

  • Planet Drink Charms

    Regular Price:

    Item # 5164

     We decided to bring all of the planets to orbit in one place–your glass rim! They'll identify your drink in any light with their glow in the dark swirls. We even included Pluto because we grew up with him too. To infinity and beyond....or maybe just the next glass of wine!

  • Gift Bow Drink Charms

    Regular Price:

    Item # 5158

    Your glass ought to look like the present it is. With 6 bright colors, these silicone bow charms are a great way to identify your glass. These markers are reminders that there's no time like the present to kick back and have another!

  • Bottle Bows

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    Item # 5157

    Life is a gift and this set of 6 bright silicone bands serve as a great reminder! They stretch to adorn wine bottles, and have the uncanny ability to turn anything they touch into an instant present. We like ours wrapped around books and colored pencil sets. What will you turn into a gift next?!

  • Paws Off Glass Markers

    Regular Price:

    Item # 4219

    With one of these kitties perched on your glass rim, you'll always know which glass is yours! These furry friends are always curious to see what's in your cup, whether it's wine, juice or milk. With six markers, there's enough cattitude to go around. 

    • Includes 6 different colored kittens
    • Dishwasher safe silicone
    • Fit on glasses, cans and stemware!
    • Each charm measures 1.25 inches
    • Buy some meow!

  • Citrus Charms Glass Markers

    Regular Price:

    Item # 4214

    These citrus charms are a-peel-ing! Simply garnish the rim of any glass or can with one of these brightly colored wedges to avoid any blurred limes over drink ownership. When they aren't in need, they lock together for safe storage. Ignore all the low hanging fruit and make these charms your new main squeeze!

    • Includes 8 different colored wedges
    • Fits in a variety of cups, from wine glasses to cans to pints
    • Dishwasher safe silicone construction
    • Pop together for safe storage!
    • Fantasy citrus design

11 Item(s)